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We take the guesswork out of going green.

solar may be your answer to recovering lost revenue.

Common area solar can offset utility expenses. Let us show you low/no cost options. Full property/tenant solar conversion also available for huge income-generating opportunities.

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Increase Your NOI (Net Operating Income) By Reallocating Utility Income

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Increase the Value of Your Multifamily Property

Next Level Property Solutions is transforming how the California multifamily solar power industry works. We provide all the answers pertaining to solar power for multifamily needs. From car charging stations to getting your own solar power grid to store all the electricity the solar panels provide. See all of the Projects we’ve partnered with and see how much FREE energy they get from our multifamily solar power solutions. Lets see how much money we can save on your energy bill with a FREE Solar Analysis today!

Solar Coordination

Our Experienced Solar Power Designers and Construction Crew have solutions that will impress anybody. Every property is different so let’s work together and come up with a solution together.

After you install your new solar power solution, your property will need to be reassessed. We can help you with that.

A popular and dual purpose to your solar power needs is combining Carports and the solar panels. Protecting the resident vehicles and using the roof real estate of the carport saves from adding panels to your properties building. Plus its easier access for maintenance and looks great.

Electric Vehicles don’t exist for homeowners alone. Residents are looking for electric vehicle chargers for apartments as well. Give the option to charge electric vehicles for your residents. 

Microgrid battery backup systems are self-contained electric grids that can operate as an “island” independent of the central power grid. This allows a property to keep the lights on even if there is an outage on the main grid.

We know who can help you with your goal of going green. There are multiple financial options to help you start your multifamily solar power project.

Virtual Net Energy Metering (VNM or VNEM) is a tariff arrangement that enables a multimeter property owner to allocate the property’s solar system’s energy credits to tenants.

Billing for Solar Power does NOT have to be complicated. We have solutions ready for you.

Sustainability Coordination

We’ll find you any rebates and any incentives available for your multifamily solar power project. If the government or any local program has free money for you, we’ll find it.

We suggest using the most energy efficient lighting possible. It looks nice but it’ll save you energy for other needs which is even better.

Why are low-flow plumbing fixtures worthwhile? They can lower your water bill significantly. Considering that residents use showers, faucets, and toilets multiple times every day, such an upgrade makes perfect sense.

Energy efficient windows are an important consideration for both new and existing multi family homes. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.

Control Temperature and power all from a smartphone! Get peace of mind to save energy by a push of a button, even from miles away.

solar Options + Estimated Savings*

Common area electrical usage (carport, etc.)

  • System Size: 150 kW
  • Pays for itself in ~3 years | 26% ROI
  • NOI increase: $60,000/year | $1.7M asset value

Combines common area + tenant electrical usage

  • System Size: 655 kW
  • Pays for itself in ~3 years | 27% ROI
  • NOI increase: $266,000/year | $17.3M asset value

*Savings listed are estimates only, based on property structure specifics, local utility rates, and Federal/State tax rates. Additional features such as car charging stations, batteries, and back-up generators can also be added for additional value. Contact NEXT LEVEL Property Solutions for a customized property analysis.

Trusted Partnerships

solar & Sustainability Contractors:

  • Leading renewable energy contractors with more than 13 years of experience
  • 30,000 solar panels installed at multi-tenant properties in 2019
  • Installation of one of the largest commercial micro-grid systems on the West Coast
  • Customized solutions for multi-tenant environments including solar systems, battery systems, micro grid systems, back-up generation and co-generation, carports and/or steel structures for solar mounting.
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Project Financing & Utility Billing:

  • Financing options customized to meet the needs and goals of each property owner
  • Utility billing providers with services specifically designed for multifamily properties
  • Utility billing set-up, metering, data transfer, and integration with existing multifamily software systems
  • Legal assistance with utility conversion including lease verbiage, expertise in landlord-tenant laws, and a comprehensive review of local requirements